Please continually check back as review assignments/due dates will be added here often.

Review Schedule 2020

April 5 – 12: Unit 2 Review (CB Unit 3)

  • Please see Unit 2 below for assignments, readings, resources, videos, etc.
  • All videos, unless otherwise indicated, are there for “enrichment” to help you better understand the material.
  • All assignments are due by April 12th @ 11:59 PM to for credit and/or feedback. 
  • I will add “video” feedback and examples to help you with your writing, under the “Writing in APUSH” section. below

College Board AP Exam Resources – 2020 ONLY

Review Book(s)



AMSCO REVIEW BOOK – This is a copy of the old review book. I would not normally give you a link like this, but it is the old book and no one appears to be able to get us the book before the end of April/early May.

Unit 2 Review


  • Revolution DBQ
    • Directions are on first page…
  • AMSO Review chapters 4-6
    • Read AND take Cornell Notes for each assigned chapter.
  • Unit 3 Study Guide
    • Go through each bulleted item for each “significant topic” and 1.) define each bulleted item and 2.) explain the bulleted items importance/impact to/on this time period.

Review Packets

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Unit Study Guides

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Writing in APUSH