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Please note the following:

  • Per the DO, none of this is required, nor am I required to continue preparing you for the Exam. I want to support you the best that I can and am trying to set up resources/assignments that will be prepare you given our unique situation as well as the unique AP exam that will be given this year.

March 24  – 27: Read chapter 32 and complete The 20 Year Interlude assignments below…and watch the video(s). To get us started practicing the SAQ again, please respond to the SAQ below. You may type it out…actually, I would prefer that. And, turn it in to turn-it-in-com by this Friday night (3/27) so I can give feed back. You should have all created an account at the beginning of the year. If not, or you did not add the class, send me a message with your period (either 3 or 6) and I will give you the class code.

March 30 – April 4: Read chapter 33 and complete the assignments and videos for the Homefront, Major Battles and Postwar Diplomacy. (these will all be ready before the end of the week. There will also be 1-2 SAQs for this section due next Friday night). SAQs are live below under the “files” heading.

April 6th on….: Review. I will post the review page once we get there.

The 20 Year Interlude


  • Path to World War II – This video outlines the 20 Year Interlude between World War I and World War II
The Homefront: Mobilization



Videos for Cartoon Project

Major Battles & the Military

video coming soon (by 3/29)

Diplomacy & Postwar Diplomacy