Congress Calendar

Congress Calendar:

Please note the following:

  • Per the DO, none of this is required, nor am I required to continue preparing you for the Exam. I want to support you the best that I can and am trying to set up resources/assignments that will be prepare you given our unique situation as well as the unique AP exam that will be given this year.

March 24  – 27:

  • Read chapter 4.
  • Complete the Legislative Branch CTQ (in files below) and turn in to by Monday for feedback.
  • Complete the Legislative Branch FRQ (in files below later today) and turn in to by Monday for feedback.
  • Watch any lecture-based videos to help with making the connections/understanding your readings.
  • Any other readings/assignments/videos that are listed are to help support you.

March 30 – April 4: by this weekend you will see a link on the left, or if you are on a mobile device the “submenu” menu for the Executive Branch.

Who is Congress


  • Lecture Notes – Go easy on me 🙂 First one of these of I’m sure many bad ones.
Congressional Elections


Lecture Notes  – Congressional Elections

Congress at Work: Organization



Congress at Work: Legislation





How a Bill becomes a Law– CrashCourse Government and Politics # 9

How a Bill becomes a Law – School House Rock baby! Yeah!

CrashCourse – Congressional Decision Making

Extra Videos

How a Bill becomes a Law – Just another one if you want to check it out.