Important To Do’s and How To’s


Important To Do’s: 

Please do the following regularly:

  • Check Remind at least once a day (or have notifications turned on). 
  • Be sure to look for new “announcements” when you log into Canvas.
  • Remember the “3 then me rule”. If you have a question on an assignment, ask three other students in the class first. If no one knows the answer, ask me in person or shoot me an email. 

Please sign up on the following sites:

  • remind will be my main source of sending out important information and updates.
    • To sign up: text: remindClassCode to 81010. Alternatively, you can download the Remind App and click “Join a Class” and then enter the underlined code starting with “@”.
  • GoFormative is a web-based tool that allows teachers to create digital formative assessments, tasks, or assignments that are easily accessible from any electronic device:laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • myAP: access to your College Board account as well as practice multiple-choice questions, DBQs, LEQs, FRQs, and review modules.



Important How To’s:

  • Submitting assignments:
    • Canvas:
      • If the assignment is type-written, simply upload the assignment by the due date (be sure to check the acceptable file types for the assignment).
      • If the assignment is not type-written, then you will need to take a picture of each page and upload the pages in order to Canvas. Make sure that on the top right-hand corner of each page you write your  “last name, first name”.
    • EdPuzzle
      • EdPuzzle will automatically sync your scores with Canvas, so just watch the videos completely and answer the questions.
    • goFormative
      •  Complete the assignment on goFormative and I will pull your score across once I have graded it.
    • myAP
      •  Complete the assignment on myAP and I will pull your score across once I have graded it.